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“Same Player Shoots Again” brought the makers to different countries all over Europe and to many collectors and collections. It took about two years to make this 60 minutes documentary. “Same Player Shoots Again” is the first in a series about jukeboxes, record players, mechanical toys, and so on. Next will be a documentary on old-timer motorbikes called “The Old Batavus Boys”.


In the US, pinball-machines were under constant pressure. Coin-operated machines of all kinds had always been controversial and were often banned. The anti-gambling mayor Fiorello la Guardia of New York was the leading opponent of pinball-machines. He personally smashed up a number of machines with a hammer. Watch the revenge from the pinball people.

Rostrum camera for special effects


Camera-lift and multi-level rostrum for special 3-D effects in real-time. The custom-made special-effects table is powered by speed-adjustable electro-engines and can rotate 360 degrees.


In the picture you see the Concorde from the topglass of  Supersonic flying from Paris to London.



In the early fifties Gottlieb produced a series of pinball machines all inspired on fairy-tale books, sometimes slightly changing the title to avoid copyright problems: Robin Hood even had a sex-change and became Lady Robin Hood.



In the documentary animations and slow motions illustrate how bumpers actually work.

A thumper bumper, also referred to as pop bumper or jet bumper, has a solenoid-activated kicking device for kicking the ball away. The skirt at the base of the bumper is displaced by the ball. The central post of the skirt attachment touches and closes the contact beneath the play-deck to activate the solenoid which pulls down the top of the metal flange to strike the ball.

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Learn how producers tried to face the pinball-crisis in the eighties. Due to the shrinking market some manufacturers produce electronic versions of old EM machines: Orbit becomes Super Orbit, Royal Flash is turned into Royal Flash Deluxe, and the good old 1972-Fireball from Ted Zale into Fireball Classic.

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Williams just refurnished existing electronic machines with extra flippers and targets: Alien Poker is turned into Laser Cue, Laser Ball into Starlight and Blackout into Warlok.