A chronologic survey on the development of pinball machines from the first coin-operated games to our contemporary high tech pins.



How does a pinball-machine actually work? Take a closer look under the playfields, at the inside of the cabinets and in the top-boxes to understand the technique of EM and SS machines.



At the beginning of the pinball era the constructive design of the machines seemed more important than how they looked. However, through the decades focus shifted more and more towards the artwork and artists became as important as the technical engineers.



Playing pinball is one of the most challenging competitions between man and machine, which requires concentration, breath-taking skills and even a top condition! As well as some luck of course.



Pinball continues to electrify millions. New locations and businesses are opening their arms to the charms and allure of the game. The surge in the popularity of pinball over recent years is unparalleled as both the young and the young at heart are rediscovering the joys and challenges that today’s machines elicit with a choreographed experience unlike any other.



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