Same Player Shoots Again

A documentary about pinball

“Let’s enter the magic world of pinball.

From its early beginnings, through the golden years in post-war decades. Until its unfortunate decline in the nineties, and beyond…

Let’s visit the manufacturers, let’s meet the designers, let’s take a closer look at the techniques, let’s meet the players, the collectors and the experts.”

Sixty minutes of pinball pleasure

Although the heydays are over, pinball is still immensely popular with a growing group of collectors and players. The fascination for flashing lights, ringing bells and high-speed action has never changed. Pinball still tests our skills and reaction to the limits. The electrifying challenge remains. At the end, in the contest between man and machine there is no greater feeling of victory than beating a piece of machinery.


Playing pinball is one of the most challenging competitions between man and machine, which requires concentration, breath-taking skills and even a top condition! Playing this DVD only requires a DVD-player and a soft sofa for enjoying an hour of pinball-pleasure.

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The documentary “Same Player Shoots Again”
explains your pinball-passion to your friends.

Interviews with:

Steve Ritchie quote
Steve Ritchie worked for both Williams and Bally and is since 2001 senior designer at Stern. Ritchie designed well-known Stern-games like: Rise of the Machines, Elvis, World Poker Tour, Spider-Man and Avatar. Ritchie has been called “The King of Pinball” and “The King of Flow”.


Raphaël Lankar, director of the Paris Pinball MuseumRaphaël Lankar has been a pinball-operator in Paris for some fifty years and is now director of the Paris Pinball Museum.


Gerrit Zalm quoteABN-AMRO c.e.o. and former Dutch Minister of Finance, Gerrit Zalm is a passionate pinball-player and famous for his ecstatic jumps while playing.